Referral Program

 We are launching a new Referral Program to help reward you for spreading the word out about Codeybot! The concept is simple: you’ll receive awesome Codeybot rewards for friends that you refer - but those friends also have to share! Once your referral entries ranked the top 3 , you will receive the Codeybot reward!

How to start earning rewards points:

Log in to by entering your name and email address. Then, click the link icon circled below to copy your unique URL and post & share via your social channels. Only you will know it’s your unique link!

We will track how many people share and take action using your link.

Please use the form below to complete your referral sign up and start sharing.

How to Boost Your Results:

  1. Every time you share the referral program through an email to your friends or on Facebook and Twitter, be sure to use your unique referral link.
  2. Share your unique referral link on relevant forums and social media channels you frequent.
  3. If you write a blog post about our campaign, direct people to campaign using your unique referral link.

How to Track Your results:

  1. Visit and log into your account.
  2. See on the tab "your entries" to know how many entry points you have.
  3. Pay close attention to the email you use to sign up for the referral program, we will announce our weekly result as well as the final grand prize by the end of the campaign.