We are a startup company located in Shenzhen, China. There were only ten young people in our team in 2013, now we have over 130 team members. We love our job, and are proud of our product.

We believe in the ideology of open source technology, all the products designed by Makeblock are open source, from mechanical parts to electronic modules, all the source file are open to download.


We know there is no limitation on people's imagination, they need thousands of different parts and modules to realize their ideas, so we will keep on developing more and more new mechanical parts and electronic modules, trying to fulfill people's needs for creation. We also encourage our open source community to help develop new parts and modules.



To provide users with the physical components and the knowledge needed for creation - one robot at a time.


Makeblock is founded by Jasen Wang, a former graduate student majoring in aircraft design. Pursuing his passion for robotics, Jasen quit his job to found Makeblock. As a robotics hobbyist, an engineer and a firm believer of open source technology, and one of the leaders of the maker movements, Jasen and Makeblock's dream is to bring the knowledge and accessibility for users to make it in the robotics world.


Makeblock began from Kickstarter in 2012, and has been partnering with Microsoft, Intel, MIT to advance the Maker movement and STEM education globally. Makeblock is committed to incorporating the latest open-source hardware technology, and to lowering barriers of robotics and STEM education to any one at any age, so people can easily turn their ideas into reality.